Is there anybody out there...

by Matumbrem, 707 days ago

Well, if anyone is looking for a bit of nostalgia...

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Guild Site Shutdown, continued...

by Matumbrem, 1853 days ago

As it turns out, The Guild Launch policy on deletion of guild sites states that they cannot be deleted until and unless there has been no activity on the site for a minimum of 60 days.

As a result, the only way I would be able to remove the site would be to effectively lock all members out of the site until a 60 day period has passed so there would be no activity on the site, and then remove it.

I have chosen not to do this.

As an alternative, I will no longer make any attempt to maintain this site in any way. I will also block all communication from Guild Launch and their affiliates. This will serve the purpose of not having to deal with the flood of garbage that they send me on a weekly basis, but it will also stop anyone from the BA site being able to contact me that does not already have an alternate means of doing so.

The net result of this will be that the guild site will continue to exist as long as it is used by it's members, but will no longer be monitored or supported by me.


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Guild site shutdown

by Matumbrem, 1876 days ago

With the loss of BA as a guild, I no longer feel the need to deal with all the spam Guild Launch decides to email me every few days. As a result, the BA guild site will be permanently taken off-line and deleted on or before 1, June 2012. If there is anything on here you wish to save for posterity, do it quickly.

Older/original BA members, if you need to contact me, please see my post in the officer's section.

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by Morkha, 1896 days ago

The merge with UHR will be happening between now and Monday! See you guys on the flip side!

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